TONES Ontology Repository

Welcome to the TONES ontology repository.

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This repository is primarily designed to be a central location for ontologies that might be of use to tools developers for testing purposes.


The repository can be browsed here. The repository supports a RESTful interface. To access an ontology directly (e.g. to open an ontology from a tool such as Protege 4), the following syntax should be used:

<Repository URL>/download?ontology=<Ontology URI>


Ontology file formats

The default file format that will be served is RDF/XML. However, the repository also stores ontologies in OWL/XML. To obtain an ontology as OWL/XML, the format=OWL/XML parameter should be added


The repository also stores ontologies without entity annotations. For certain ontologies (e.g the NCI Cancer ontology) this make a large difference to the size of the ontology. To request an ontology without annotations, specify a format of RDF/XML-WA.